Putting myself first was life-changing, and I want the same for you.


Hey there! It’s so, so great to have you here right now.


Can I just take a wild guess?


You’ve probably had a moment when you recently broken down in tears.


If you’re like me, you feel an overwhelming sense of pressure to do it all yourself.


You want to be an amazing mother and wife, kill it at work, and somehow look good while doing it all.


It’s probably important to you to make sure everyone is taken care of, and you pride yourself in serving others.


The truth is, and you can keep it real with me, that after going in circles making sure everyone else has what they need, you’re left without any energy or time for yourself.


Maybe at first you didn’t make a big deal of it. You love your family and your career and you’re happy to go the extra mile.


You want to see other people thrive, and you feel a sense of love and purpose when you can take care of others and get it all done.


But over time, everyone got used to you saying “yes”... and now you’re afraid of saying “no”.


You want to have some time for yourself, but you’re afraid of the kids missing you, or what your partner or boss will say.


You miss having brunch with your squad, but you feel guilty missing out on family moments.


You miss going out salsa dancing on Tuesdays, but you’re always stuck at work or rushing home.


And then… during that one moment when you needed someone’s help or someone to just listen to you, you feel like no one’s there for you.


Which brings us to that moment you had recently where you broke down in tears while sitting alone in your car, while laying in your bed, or out somewhere in public.


I’ve been there. I know that feeling, those pangs of guilt for wanting more, for wanting to be heard when you speak up and wanting to try new things without shaking up what you’ve already got going on. I have a few beliefs that brought me here with you today:

  • I believe you deserve to feel a sense of joy, inner peace, and total fulfillment
  • I believe you’ve had a goal deep in your heart for a while now, and you’re looking for the courage to make it come to light
  • I believe you have everything it takes to manifest that goal, and that you’re capable of learning and practicing anything you need to get there
  • I believe that working non-stop is toxic and unsustainable, and the remedy is love — for yourself, first and foremost

The breaking point came when I didn’t expect it, and I had to say “no” because saying “yes” to everyone else was taking a toll on my life.

Cut to me ugly crying on the train on my way to work.

It was a Monday morning in 2015, and I was feeling the burnout. I was tired, frustrated and achy all over.

Like many women, I was the workhorse. For years I worked and worked, without breaks or complaining, and went the extra mile to prove myself to others.

The struggle was all too real. It was getting harder and harder to keep it together while trying to be the best daughter, wife, career-woman...and mom-to-be.

Couple this with the fact that my family and I were in the midst of buying our first home, and let me tell you — my anxiety was through the charts.

But something needed to give. Something needed to happen because I couldn’t keep living with that overwhelming sense that I was drowning.

After stepping off the train platform that day, I affirmed that I had to change my lifestyle or I was seriously going to lose it.

I needed to talk to someone about my situation, and I turned to an unlikely person — and she changed my life.

Transformational coaching became my secret weapon for taking control of my world — and it will work for you too.

Fast forward a few weeks after that awful Monday morning, and I enrolled in my coaching certification program.

Working with a therapist made me feel like I was stuck in the past, and I was ready to leap into my future.

Coaching seemed like it was worth giving it a try because it focused on my actions instead of my thoughts.

While I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for my first session, I felt compelled to share my struggles in hopes that this was the space to find clarity.

I needed to get clear on what I really needed in order to start my life-makeover. Does that make sense?

To my surprise, my coach welcomed my tears, held open a judgment-free space for me and asked powerful questions.

Through a series of exercises, challenges and a few really real talks, she helped me become aware of the limiting beliefs that I inherited from Indo-Guyanese matriarchs. This process helped me become clear on my values.

The coaching process made it possible for me to use those values as a compass for navigating my new chapter as a mom, homeowner and entrepreneur — my coaching experience helped me develop the courage to quit my job and become a coach myself.

It reminded me that asking for support was not a sign of weakness as I had been taught — there was absolutely nothing wrong being vulnerable or advocating for my needs to family and friends.

Lastly, coaching showed me how to stand in my fearless energy of Mother Durga, the invincible Hindu warrior goddess, without guilt or shame so that I could voice my concerns the next time someone disrespected me or tried to claim my time.

I felt courageous. I felt powerful. I felt joy. I felt relief. I felt like I was coming home to my real self. Transformational coaching was such a gift — and now I’ve dedicated my life’s work to helping wonderful, deserving women like you.

It’s my mission to provide transformational coaching to people that are overlooked by the coaching industry, because I believe we all deserve the opportunity to reach our highest potential.

Since completing my training and embracing my gift for coaching, I’ve made it my mission to teach other ambitious women how unleash their inner Durga qualities — power, connection to spirituality, fierceness, creativity, and confidence.

The time is always now — are you ready to make lasting change in your life?

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