Accept It.

This year was a whirlwind, wouldn’t you agree?

There were boatloads of personal and professional blessings that I accepted with open arms. Then, there were the barrels of BULL**** that I did not want to accept.
What did the BULL**** consist of? Annoying circumstances and setbacks.
Why did I resist accepting these things? Acceptance meant that I would have to be fine with what happened and why it happened. I didn’t want to be okay with that. Maybe it’s because these circumstances, also known as the “its,” had something to do with my inadequacies, my lack of follow-through, my fears, and my inability to control the uncontrollable.

As the months progressed, I received a few signs from that made me reconsider resisting life’s ongoing crap. The universe was injecting glimpses of hope, peace, and excitement into my dreams and meditations. It was silly to push against unwanted situations in my life (thank you, Carl Jung). So, knowing that I wanted to start 2017 with clarity and an open heart, I decided to accept the “its.” I’ve named a few:
  • the men and women who said they would show up for me the way I needed, but didn’t
  • the death of amazing artists who contributed to American pop culture
  • the neighborhood fire alarm that goes off every time my kid tries to nap
  • adults–they are worse than college students when it comes to returning messages
  • the extra 20 pounds
  • fake colleagues
  • dark purple stretch marks
  • folks who post one or more selfies daily
  • that I couldn’t get it all done
  • my heart breaking from every global tragedy announced on the news
  • our president

Acceptance was not easy. There were ugly cries involved, as well as eye rolls galore and screams (I’m not crazy, I promise). Although these acts sound unpleasant, my outpourings offered an emotional euphoria that felt like the elation that comes from true forgiveness. Once I accepted the “its,” I felt much more peace. Peace was good. Peace was necessary. Peace felt like a cloud of cotton candy, and who doesn’t like cotton candy?

So now that 2016 is about to end,

What are you finally going to accept?

Wishing you success as you clear out your year,
Coach Shanita

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