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Reclaim your energy so that you can make your next big move with clarity, confidence, and conviction.

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What’s holding you back from seeing success + putting yourself first? It's likely that...

Tell me if this sounds like you...

  • You’re done taking care of everyone else’s needs but your own.
  • If you get one more thing added to your plate, you might throw your whole to-do list out the window.
  • And don’t even get started on the folks who throw shade when you mention what you really want in your life...and don’t support.

Want to know a little secret though? You have everything it takes to manifest your big goal, and you’re completely capable of learning and practicing anything you need to get there, no matter what’s happening at home, school, or work.

Making moves and achieving your newfound goals can seem quite daunting if you don’t have the right support and accountability in place. Don’t fret, though. This is where I can help--I firmly believe you deserve to feel a sense of joy, inner peace, and total fulfillment, and I love serving hardworking and driven women like yourself.

I’m here to guide you in getting clear on what exactly is holding you and your energy hostage, and developing strategies that you need to [re]focus on what you need to move forward.

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Ready for REAL transformation? Let me guide you.

During our sessions over the phone, we’ll assess where you’re stuck and confront what’s holding you back from what you want, and we’ll co-create a game plan based my signature framework so that you have a clear path to navigating your new routine — because your fantastic future won’t create itself. Together we will:

Clarify your needs so you can map out your next big move

Re-energize your mind and heart to prioritize the goals that give you life

Establish a confident mindset that’ll help you manifest exactly what you want, how you want it

Develop a 90-day game plan that’ll ensure you don’t get derailed when life gets in the way

Develop the courage to give yourself permission to say ‘yes’ to yourself and ‘no’ to others when needed

Consistently find me-time on your calendar without guilt or shame

Do a better job of getting out of a rut when negative thinking creeps in

Command the support you need so you don’t ever have to suffer alone

Your coaching sessions include all the support you need to see transformational results in your life.

Using techniques founded in motivational psychology and holistic healing practices, I’ll guide you through a repeatable process for crushing goals while putting yourself first.


Phase 1: Self-Exploration
If I asked you, “what do you need?”, would you find yourself stuck or stumbling on your words? Or maybe you’d be hesitant to ask for what you need? Before we move forward, we’ll work inward. Together we’ll surface and confront those UGH feelings, answer tough questions, and start to call out all of the blanks in your life that need filling. This will help us shape your goal and the steps needed to get you there.

Phase 2: Self-Empowerment
If I asked you, “what’s holding you back?”, would your list include other people, situations, factors, or mental blocks? We’ve all been there, and by the end of this phase of our collaboration you’ll be rid of all the excuses, obstacles, limiting beliefs and thoughts — and you’ll be ready to get after your goals.

Phase 3: Self-Care
When’s the last time you had some “you” time? Maybe you’ve been so crazed that it’s been a while? Or maybe you’ve been dying for that time to yourself — but are too afraid to ask for it? Together we’ll redefine your energy and time management strategy, tactfully put life on notice, and help you create a routine that allows you to get your precious time back to yourself.

Phase 4: Self-Regulation
What happens when you’re faced with an obstacle, like a time crunch, or the temptation to be lazy or give up?

How do you put yourself back together when you feel like it’s all falling apart?

Together we’ll develop productive triggers, consistent habits, a toolkit for building positive energy, and an emergency exit plan to get you out of a rut and back into your groove.



“After our session, I concluded that what I needed were periodic stay-cations: Time away for a night or two in a hotel to just focus on myself without the risk of interruptions or interference from the many other demands of my life. 

My husband was happy to have found a specific way he could help me and has committed to partnering with me to make sure this time happens. It’s been a game changer! Shanita’s coaching has helped me learn how to process my feelings and needs, and then strategize effective ways in which I can work toward meeting those needs. It also has helped to learn of ways that I can articulate to others just how they can practically and tangibly come to my aid.”



“Shanita points me to my power. She has taught me if I don’t work on my stuff, my stuff will work on me. Coach Shanita walks me through the difference between my pain and suffering. She encourages me to fortify my weaknesses and truly use my strengths. She makes me want to simultaneously cry and fly."



"Before connecting with Shanita I was feeling hesitant around the next step in my business. My experience with Shanita allowed me to "see" and "feel" what my next move should be. Before I could even articulate it for myself, Shanita gently invited me to take bold action to create more visibility for myself and my business. As a result, I took a huge step forward and haven't looked back. I needed that gentle invitation and the accountability. It was a powerful experience and I look forward to working with her again in the future."


You’ll get all the perks and privileges of being my client, getting everything you need along the way:

Audio recordings of each session for your reference, so you never have to worry about missing the big AHA moments

Email and text support between sessions, so questions never have to wait too long to get answered

Support creating a solid game plan using my signature framework so that you have a clear path to navigating your new routine and goals

All files organized in Google Drive so you have one place to easily access and track your progress

Throughout our time together, I'll guide you past the burnout, stuckness, and the fear of “I can’t” that’s stopping you from powerfully taking your life to the next level.