It happened so fast. One minute I was scrubbing baby poop off of my pajama shirt, and the next minute I was rocking pearls against a white cardigan and black pencil skirt co-facilitating college success content in one of the coolest corporate offices in San Francisco. I would have never thought that I could temporarily abandon poop-scrubbing for meaningful dialogue with first generation college freshmen, but it happened!
Initially, I wasn’t thrilled about this change. It meant leaving my baby for the weekend and disrupting the schedule of mom duties I grew to know so well. It was scary. It was hard. I even cried for an hour, but after moping in melancholy, I finally changed my outlook. Although I couldn’t avoid change, I could control the way I perceived it and received itI decided to view this as an opportunity to grow instead of some inconvenience to my motherhood. If I didn’t, I would’ve missed out BIG TIME.
So I’m curious,

What’s one thing you could change about yourself today?

It could be anything–your attitude, your approach to someone you care about, your perspective on feeling stuck, your schedule, your meal selection–to name a few. Perhaps you might not want to change a thing! Consider this though, would your life possibly improve as a result of your itty bitty change? 

Changing for the better,
Coach Shanita

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