Fall Again

I fell HARD, at least 7 steps. I even took my son down with me towards the end. By the time I landed at the bottom of the staircase, I was like WTF

Happy September to me!

Didn’t Mercury in retrograde and flight delays and potty training and beach-fly bites and cold viruses and unforeseen work assignments and annoying daycare paperwork and that grueling 3-week Akins diet give me enough grief? Wasn’t I supposed to start over this month with no BS? Wasn’t I supposed to light my pumpkin-spice candles and channel the essence of autumn to calm my energy so that I would no longer attract any other crazy situations?

Nope and nope. There was no amount of controlling or pumpkin-spice-summoning that would modify the start to my September. I simply had to let life happen and fall down.

So I did, literally and figuratively. I had to roll with the punches, or in this case, my carpeted steps. Unlike last fall when I got the divine signal to get into the driver’s seat and control what I could before birthing my daughter, this almost-fall, I got the memo to ACCEPT IT, “it” being whatever comes my way. 

UGH. Not this surrendering stuff again…it’s getting old, but if I want to get clear on who I am (the commitment I made to myself in January), then I oughta just trust that falling down a flight of stairs will be one of many events that will teach me something valuable…and perhaps benefit my life’s bigger purpose in some way, shape, or form.

It’s inevitable that you’ll make a mistake or get hit with someone’s *hit as the new month begins, so the next time it happens,

What will you do AND believe about your fall?

Will you blame yourself? Shame yourself? Tell yourself that life’s not fair and you’re the only one suffering? Accept the outcome? Believe that the universe is trying to punish you? Conclude that it is what it is? Brush yourself off and keep it moving? Use it as a teachable moment? Curse and vent and then laugh about it later?

Like all of my questions, there’s no right or wrong answer. However, the one thing that I’m sure of is that the mindset that you choose has the power to influence AND set the tone for your new season, school year, and/or quarter ahead. 

Taking my fall(s) step by step,
Coach Shanita

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