This season has been my life’s metaphor. I have experienced immense changes in all colors and shifted into moments of darkness. Like a little furry animal, I tried to harvest my plans and to-do’s and safely store them for the winter. I leaned into autumnal comfort like pumpkin spice treats and even tried to SLOW DOWN as I advised you to do last month, but inevitably succumbed to Fall’s flow. Like the leaves on the trees, I fell slowly until I hit the ground.Even though I rewrote my to-do list for the last time before my daughter arrives, I am emotionally and physically wiped. Spent. Done. I ran out of time and cannot do much more, so I am finally accepting that it is okay to be okay with the fall, my fall.I suspect that you have been working hard to do what you gotta do for your job, your family, your relationship, and yourself. However, I bet you’re tired too, and even though you might find it impossible to pump the brakes during this busy time of year, I offer this question:

Can you let yourself fall?

This is not the most empowering question, but I ask because it’s that time of the season to consider letting yourself fall
  • asleep,
  • into someone’s arms,
  • into a Netflix binge,
  • in love,
  • into heartbreak,
  • into a support group
  • into prayer, or
  • into the realization that you’re not where you want to be in life, for now.
If you’re willing to fall, it’s OKAY because YOU ARE OKAY and YOU WILL DEFINITELY BE OKAY. It doesn’t take a lot of time or energy to fall. In fact, falling is a unique kind of release!You are not superhuman and you can’t do it all without some fatigue and *uck-up’s, so go ahead and embrace that this could be the best time to fall to the ground and bear witness…the vision you once had for the way things were going have changed. Whether you know it or not, your personal or professional life trajectory is changing like the foliage. You are changing. Change is cool, just like the fall weather.Wishing you a peaceful fall,
Coach Shanita

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