Falling in Love, with Yourself

A child’s laughter. Your partner’s smile. A warm hug. Valentine’s Day treats. Puppy videos. There’s so much that activated our “falling in love” senses this month. I fell in love every time my baby boy kicked or whenever I visited the candy aisle at CVS. Whatever tickled your love, I bet it felt really good, right?
Now let’s shift over to You. When do you get to fall in love with yourself? Often? Rarely? Never? Do you get the same warm fuzzies when you consider all that you are and all that you have to offer the universe?
Before you think I’m promoting cockiness, let me explain: falling in love with yourself every now and again is not a bad thing! It’s a chance for you to acknowledge and admire your strengths, your progress, and your kick-ass personality. It’s also an opportunity to get familiar with your menu of talents and how it can positively influence others. 
So my ask this month is:

There are several ways that you can narrow down an answer. You could jot down traits on paper or in your phone, ask a friend to identify one of your sparkles, journal and reread a previous entry to see your growth, treat yourself to something you enjoy, and/or compliment yourself out loud, e.g. “Shanita, you are such a nice person!”
This exercise might feel odd at first, but give it a try. At minimum, I guarantee that pouring a little love into you will feel pretty fantastic.
Cheers to Self-Love!
Coach Shanita

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  1. annette diamantopoulos on February 13, 2017 at 11:14 pm

    right on, shanita! love starts inside and blooms out:-)

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