Give Up

Have you ever wanted to give up on something or someone? 

I have, many times. Life is tough, and wanting to give up is a totally human experience. Even though it goes against my nature as a coach who promotes perseverance, I plan to stray far from that mindset (at least for this month). I think it’s okay to give up sometimes. I encourage you to do the same because holding on may not always serve you in the best way.

So what are some “give up” items?

  • Give up on the friend who says he/she will change and then persists with demonstrating self-destructive behavior.
  • Give up on the hope that your partner will understand that one thing you need the most. If he/she doesn’t get it by now, there’s nothing you can do to force him/her to understand until it’s meant to be understood.
  • Give up on your unreasonable dream. If you didn’t already know, check in with your gut. If it still doesn’t feel right, it’s because that dream was not meant for your life.
  • Give up on dieting. Eat the darn dessert. Why waste energy stressing out about calories when you can satisfy your craving? If you don’t satisfy that craving, you’ll inevitably eat more than dessert.
  • Give up on taking the easy way out. Life was meant to dishevel your hair, cause you to weep, shock you to your core, and make you ask “Why me?!” ACCEPT IT.
  • Give up on your leaders (take that into whatever global, national, or local context you like). They were never perfect. Their outrageous flaws could serve as the impetus for your ability to rise to the occasion, change the entire game, take on a new kind of leadership, and bring peace to those who need it the most.

Now that we have named a few examples,

What can you give up? OR
Who can you give up on?

It might make you sad to consider giving up on something or someone, but giving up is simply another way of LETTING GO or SURRENDERING, and there is nothing wrong with shedding the weight of what/who doesn’t work to feel a bit lighter. Plus, you’ll feel some relief, and who doesn’t like relief?!

Giving you permission to give up,  
Coach Shanita

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