As I looked into my daughter’s dark brown almond shaped eyes, I got transported to a place filled with hope, sparkly magic, and joy. That place is my soul, and I can feel my soul in my heart, and my heart is the center of my Home.
I love going home. Whether or not I leave my physical house, I go home at least twice a day. I go home when I meditate, or acknowledge the power of love in my children, or touch base with the big G to express my gratitude for making it through another day with my health and safety. Home doesn’t have to be your house. Maybe it lives in multiple places, like your cup of coffee, your powerhouse exercise routine, snuggles with whatever creatures you prefer, or while lounging on your comfy couch. I think we can all agree that Home is a place that you can go to when you’re feeling sad, mad, glad, and bad.
Do you have a place called home? 

If so, where is it? It with who? Name it/them.
If not, where can you temporarily call home? Name it/them and lean into that.

Because it’s the end of the year and you did all that you could to Say NoRelaxStay OnReassessLet GoGet HelpStudy Your SufferingGive UpGet What You NeedSlow Down, and Fall, my ask is:

How soon can you Go HOME

It can be now, during your snack break, or tonight. Go home. Go home. Go home.
And love it up!
From my home to yours, Coach Shanita

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