If ever grace was needed, it is now.


Although Caroline Myss, a medical intuitive and spiritual speaker, said these words in reference to the 2016 Orlando shooting, I believe they are just as relevant now. After all, what else can you request when humanity hurts from harbored hatred, bigotry, and violence?

Grace, also known as the unwarranted assistance from the divine (or universe, whatever you believe), has helped me through many dark times. Whether I was sobbing over a broken heart on the bathroom tile or grieving the loss of someone essential to my life, Grace swooped in when I needed it most. It did not take away my heartache or provide a resolution, but it assured me. The message was always the same. Grace consistently told me, “It’s going to be okay.”

And POOF! Just like that, I could momentarily pause the hurting, pick myself up, step away from the devastation, and BREATHE. Breathe in oxygen. Breathe in love. Breathe in hope. And most importantly, breathe in enough strength to get through the next few hours until I was better.

While grace is brief, it is beautiful. It is mysterious. It is magic. Have you ever experienced grace? If so,

What is your grace?
What does it look like? 

Grace comes in many forms and it is unique to everyone. Sometimes it is a messenger, and other times it’s unexpected goodwill, kindness, forgiveness, or love. Sometimes it is a gift you can give to yourself and sometimes it is all of the above. Whatever form your grace takes, take time to feel it, acknowledge it, and most importantly, thank it—your grace has a purpose and it came exclusively for you.

With grace,

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