Have Faith

Seven years ago I found it on his wedding ring. I had no idea that word was there when I made the purchase. It was kind of divine to know that FAITH was with us all this time.

I didn’t actively tune into faith until I won my scholarship. Mom didn’t want me to go away to college, but I didn’t want to turn down $100K+ in full-tuition, so I had faith that things would work out. One afternoon without my knowing, a college counselor phoned my mom at work, urged her to reconsider, and with mom’s blessing, I accepted my scholarship offer later that afternoon.

I was feelin’ faith, so in the years that followed, I had faith that:
•    my 4-year long-distance relationship with Ken would work out, despite living in different continents (including a deployment to Iraq),
•    I’d find full-time work amidst a recession,
•    I’d gracefully bid farewell to leaders who didn’t understand my worth,
•    I’d acquire the funds to pay for my coaching certification, and
•    the bank would approve us for a home, even with my unemployment.

You’d think that my “have faith muscles” would be solid given what’s manifested in my life, but HAVING FAITH CAN BE TOUGH. I was reminded of this last Friday while stuck at the airport for six hours. I was dog-tired and could barely stay awake to listen to the delay notifications and gate change announcements. In my bitterness and hopelessness, I prayed. Even in my **** this **** moment, my Durga Maa assured me that I’d fly home. I tuned in, kept the faith, and stayed on. I got home the next morning.

Why is having faith so important?

I think there are 100 ways to answer this, but the big reason I always come back to is that no matter what your situation is, having faith will give you hope and help you see things through to the end (even when you don’t have a clue about the HOW). 

So, here’s my question (brace yourself Type A’s and planners…),

Do you have faith that ____ will work out?

Fill in the blank with whatever you wish. It might be leaving your [dreadful] job, ending your suffering in a relationship, achieving your weight-loss goal, or getting out of debt.

(If your answer is NO, can you think of a time when having faith yielded a remarkable result?)

I understand that thinking about the hard stuff might make you want to hide in a bush, but when we train our brains to think positive, we attract positive outcomes.

Having faith is like a special means of trusting [yourself/the universe/God/your ancestors] that you’ll get the solutions you desire deep down in your heart.

And if you’re not buying my justification, having faith prevents wrinkles. Why stress out and cause wrinkles faster than you need to, right?

Faith is nearby. Just look around, like I did.
Coach Shanita

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  1. Lily on December 24, 2018 at 4:59 pm

    I think the magnitude of “FAITH” engraved in the ring is really a testament to more than just the marriage it represents. Look at how the both of you had to have faith separately, that things would work out, and then come together for that marriage. You must have had some faith that your college would work out, Ken had to have faith that he would come home safely each time after deployment, and the both of you would come together with strong hearts and minds to take on the world as a couple. “FAITH” is more than just a word in your life, and we should take on that mindset too, always having faith within ourselves that we can and will achieve anything life throws at us.

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