• Feeling fried?

  • Frazzled?

  • Stuck?

  • Tapped out?

Whether you’re having trouble

  • getting clear on how to move forward,
  • struggling to find the time + energy to focus on yourself,
  • or having a tough time feeling motivated,

I’ve got a remedy to help you get back in flow and make things happen once and for all.


2 Weeks to Transform Your World

My special 2-week Hit Refresh offer includes:

  • Two 60-minute transformational coaching sessions by phone to assess where you’re stuck and confront what’s holding you back from what you want
  • Support creating a solid 90-day game plan using my signature framework so that you have a clear path to navigating your new routine and next-level goals
  • Unlimited email support between sessions so that you have answers and aren’t stuck, frustrated, or discouraged as you make progress
  • Accountability for two straight weeks to ensure that you stay refreshed and don’t get derailed [again]
  • BONUS➔Audio recordings and session notes so that you don’t have to worry about missing key AHA’s

Don’t miss your chance to hit refresh so that you can fiercely and fearlessly regain control of your flow towards your goals.

Here's WHY you need to HIT REFRESH!

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MLT Staff Shanita Liu 1 (1)

Hi, I’m Shanita, a certified transformational life coach! I offer customized transformational coaching experiences for busy women who feel the pressure of having to do it all themselves and just want some time and space to breathe. I teach women the mindsets and strategies for finding “me” time while keeping it all in check.


2 Weeks to Transform Your World


Autumn Andrews

Before connecting with Coach Shanita I was feeling hesitant around the next step in my business. My experience with Shanita allowed me to "see" and "feel" what my next move should be. Before I could even articulate it for myself, Shanita gently invited me to take bold action to create more visibility for myself and my business. As a result, I took a huge step forward and haven't looked back. I needed that gentle invitation and the accountability. It was a powerful experience and I definitely look forward to working with her again in the future.

Khaya Caine

Coach Shanita's compassion, authenticity, and open heart has a way of disarming you from the very start. She's a coach who gets it. She loving supports you as you tune into your higher self and as soon as you do - you start to experience breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough. And she never leaves your side - she stays right there holding your hands without judgment. I'm so grateful that all of her personal and professional experiences have led her to this important life's work. She uses her powers for good and co-creates a world where miracles can thrive.

Tiffany Curtis

Coach Shanita is the type of coach who brings truth, authenticity, and creativity to her coaching. I felt challenged, as she encouraged me to think differently/put on new ways of thinking in order to see my experiences from varying perspectives and creative outlets (e.g. visualizations, drawing, “tapping” work). She is very transparent, and does not want to leave anything undone. She is also fully committed to her work, and that makes me feel cared for. I trusted her deeply.

Deidre-Ann Nelson

Through our work together, we went through a variety of exercises that allowed me to articulate where I was frustrated and turn those into coaching objectives. Shanita has a clear process and philosophy to her coaching – and in my opinion it is coming from a place of warmth and total empathy. In the end, working with Shanita was an incredibly enlightening experience. She has a unique way of helping you tap into the deep recesses of your mind and your emotions even over the phone. Most important for me, she helped me to challenge and push further inward to get to some of the truths I was thinking about but hadn’t yet voiced. In my case, this engagement was precisely what I needed to allow me to jump start a shift in my career and in my personal life.