Ready to DO YOU again — without that guilty, uneasy feeling for wanting some more “me” time?

I offer a customized transformational coaching experience for busy women who feel the pressure of having to do it all themselves, and want change. I’ll teach you the mindset and strategies for finding “me” time while keeping it all in check.

Imagine if you could...

  • Consistently find “me” time on your calendar without feeling guilty or like you’re taking time away from your family
  • Find the time and space to get clear on your next career move, map out your next big life goal, or plan your upcoming special occasion
  • Feel energized enough to prioritize and take action on your dreams before other people’s dreams
  • Develop the courage to give yourself permission to try something new, go out with your besties, or just say “no” when you need to
  • Feel like you’ve got things under control and a good rhythm—AND sustain those feelings even when a hot mess moment comes about
  • Do a better job of getting unstuck when you’re repeating old habits or stuck in negative thinking
  • Instinctively step up for yourself when things get tough, overwhelming, or distracting — so you’re never off course for too long
  • Command the support you need so you don’t ever have suffer in silence again for trying to get it all done on your own

If you’re ready to do you, reclaim your time, and get the attention you deserve, I’m YOUR coach.

Hi, I’m Shanita! I’m a mom of two, an educator, a community-builder, a healer, an artist, a veteran spouse, a daughter and sister... and between 9pm and 12am I’m also a business woman. Like you, I love serving others, but I also feel that pressure to be a superwoman.

You and I know that this lifestyle isn’t sustainable, right? You’ve had those moments of ugly-crying to yourself, being burnt out from weariness, and feeling upset that people don’t lend a hand or offer compassion even when they see that you’re totally stretched too thin.

When I finally experienced that “I’VE HAD IT. I’M OVER THIS!” moment back in 2015, I turned to a life coach.

I was done complaining and crying — I needed to DO SOMETHING and change my situation once and for all.

I needed to work with someone who welcomed my tired tears, held space for me to sort through all my stuff, and gave me the right balance of tough love and empowerment.

Working with a therapist was great, but I was ready to work with someone who laid out the direction towards my future, a trusty co-pilot.

Transformational coaching blew my mind and changed my life in ways I didn’t think were possible. The courage, focus and power that I felt during one of the most turbulent times in my life (near-homeless, pregnant and unemployed) is a feeling I deeply believe everyone deserves.

Now I’m a transformational coach, and I’m on a mission to support other ambitious and deserving women like you — because I don’t want you to suffer solo like I did.

The greatest gift you can give to the people you love is to become the person you were meant to be.

I am your guide and will walk with you side by side if you’re looking to unearth your visionary voice, ask for help (and get it), need realistic strategies to carve out you-time, and build confidence to kick all your fears to the curb.

If you’re looking for the accountability to design a lifestyle that you absolutely love, then welcome—you are not alone and you are exactly where you’re supposed to be.

After learning how to take care of myself and let go of who/what doesn’t serve me, I developed a process to sustain my courage and momentum, and it has helped other women see results too:

So, I’ve been working with Coach Shanita for the past couple months now. She has been exceptional in her direct attention to my concerns, her unabashed way of telling me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear, and her fervent encouragement of what is possible. Thanks, Goddess. You da illest! 

— Mala Sookdeo

Before connecting with Coach Shanita I was feeling hesitant around the next step in my business. My experience with Shanita allowed me to "see" and "feel" what my next move should be. Before I could even articulate it for myself, Shanita gentle invited me to take bold action to create more visibility for myself and my business. As a result, I took a huge step forward and haven't looked back. I needed that gentle invitation and the accountability. It was a powerful experience and I definitely look forward to working with her again in the future.

— Autumn Andrews

Get clear, get powerful — get going.

Reaching your next level and full potential obviously doesn’t happen overnight, but the path to getting there is absolutely clear. Using techniques founded in motivational psychology and holistic healing practices, I’ll guide you through a repeatable process for crushing goals while putting yourself first.

Here’s what’s ahead for you:

Phase 1: Self-Exploration
If I asked you, “what do you need?”, would you find yourself stuck or stumbling on your words? Or maybe you’d be hesitant to ask for what you need? Before we move forward, we’ll work inward. Together we’ll surface and confront those UGH feelings, answer tough questions, and start to call out all of the blanks in your life that need filling. This will help us shape your goal and the steps needed to get you there.

Phase 2: Self-Empowerment
If I asked you, “what’s holding you back?”, would your list include other people, situations, factors, or mental blocks? We’ve all been there, and by the end of this phase of our collaboration you’ll be rid of all the excuses, obstacles, limiting beliefs and thoughts — and you’ll be ready to get after your goals.

Phase 3: Self-Care
When’s the last time you had some “you” time? Maybe you’ve been so crazed that it’s been a while? Or maybe you’ve been dying for that time to yourself — but are too afraid to ask for it? Together we’ll redefine your energy and time management strategy, tactfully put life on notice, and help you create a routine that allows you to get your precious time back to yourself.     

Phase 4: Self-Regulation
What happens when you’re faced with an obstacle, like a time crunch, or the temptation to be lazy or give up? How do you put yourself back together when you feel like it’s all falling apart? Together we’ll develop productive triggers, consistent habits, a toolkit for building positive energy, and an emergency exit plan to get you out of a rut and back into your groove.

You’ll get all the perks and privileges of being my client, so you’ll have everything you need along the way:

  • Three check-ins a month via phone or video, so that you have the accountability and structure to see results
  • Unlimited email support between sessions so that you have answers and aren’t stuck, frustrated, or discouraged as you make progress
  • Text support between sessions, M-F 8-5 EST
  • Setup of calendar reminders to keep you accountable so that you never have to guess what your next step is
  • Customized action plans and trackers, organized in Google Drive so we both have visibility into your progress
  • Audio and written session notes so that you don’t have to worry about missing key AHA’s and learnings  

If you’re ready to do you, reclaim your time, and get the attention you deserve, I’M YOUR COACH.

You’re ready to do the work. You’re here because you know it’s time to confront those negative naysayers, cry it out, shake it off, and start reclaiming what’s rightfully yours.

I’ll be with you every step of the way, making sure you don’t lose sight of who’s important right now — and that’s you.

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