Letting Go

As I stared at the heaping pile of “favorites,” which included the sheer white cardigan that made me feel like I was on a white-sand beach in a Sandals Resorts commercial and the ivory ruffled blouse that would excel in a Sex and the City episode, I realized that my clothes played a significant role in my 20’s. They represented a life full of spontaneous out-and-abouts, thought-I-was-fly-photos, late-night salsa socials, and overpriced drinks with disingenuous people I called “friends.”

That’s not my life anymore. Hasn’t been that way since 2015. My “favorites” now include yoga pants and any cotton t-shirt that doesn’t ride up my post-preg stomach. So I let go of the clothes. Into the donation pile. Goodbye y’all, I hope you give someone else flair and fortune in the future.

Admittedly, I felt a bit downhearted getting rid of those clothes. Letting go meant mourning my pre-parenthood life and truly saying farewell to a decade of triumphs and rotten mistakes. It wasn’t easy, but it was critical to my overall healing.

Whether you’re letting go or trying to let go of items, loved ones (dead or alive), unkind memories, a job, a place, annoying habits, or control over what you can’t control, there’s no denying that letting go feels heavy. It feels uncomfortable. It feels ugly-cry-nasty and it absolutely stinks.  

Yet, letting go is ESSENTIAL TO PERSONAL GROWTH. There’s FREEDOM when you let go. The shoulders get lighter, the heart pumps better, and the body creates room for energy to move. So, as we wrap up the first half of 2017, I’m curious,

Who or what do you need to let go of?

Start with one thing until you’re ready to do more. The answer may instantly knock you in the face or take 24 hours to emerge when you least expect it. Regardless of when the what or who comes, be sure that you hold space to set it/him/her free with nice words, curse words, tears, prayers, and/or the truth about how it doesn’t serve you anymore. Sing the Disney Frozen song if you must. And remember that the hope and purpose of this is exercise is to clear out your clutter in order to make room for better things to come.

If you are to honor the Year of No, then do yourself a favor and LET IT GO.
Coach Shanita

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