I did my best to interweave fun into my last week of work travel for 2018. 

I made time to see family, dined with supportive entrepreneurial professionals, indulged in pumpkin spice treats, watched repeats of The Office while sprawling on my king-size bed, and leisurely wandered into cute shops. My spirit feels refreshed, but guess what?

I got the flu. 

I cannot swallow. I cannot speak. I cannot kiss my kids. I cannot breathe the wrong way or I’ll get into a coughing fit. I’ve had to limit my diet to ginger tea and lemon cough drops. I cannot think too hard or my head will explode and I’ll start with another set of woe-is-me-wah-wah-wah tears.

I’m incredibly frustrated [again], but appreciative of you bearing witness to my mess [again].

I’m so over this, but getting into the ring and fighting this flu like I’m some UFC champ is going to require more energy than I’ve got right now. Thus, I’m going to tap into my inner Murphy Brown and get curious.

*Start inner dialogue*

Me: Why is my body breaking down again?
Voice in my head: You did a lot again.
Me: But I just got back home, I feel so behind and have to work on…
Voice in my head: *sucks her teeth*
Me: *defeated face*
Voice: Would you consider taking a pause?
(e.g. my business, my offers). STOP IT. I CAN’T.
5 seconds later…
: Okay, you win voice. I have to press pause.

*End inner dialogue*

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude that a good pause will make things better. Yet, it’s incredibly hard to do. THERE’S SO MUCH TO DO! At the same time, our bodies and brains (and even the voices in our heads) NEED the friendly reminder that we are humans, not crazy robots.

So I’ll turn it over to you via my monthly question:

Are you willing to press PAUSE?

Start small. Try pausing one thing and see where it takes you. It could look like:

  • Pausing to breathe when you feel your blood pressure soaring because some nitwit at work is pushing your buttons
  • Pausing your Netflix show because your bedtime is long gone, and you feel ROUGH
  • Pausing to be truly present and take time to look into the eyes of your partner, kid, pet, or yourself
  • Pausing to bring it back so that you don’t spin out of control and do/say/type something that you’ll regret
  • Pausing your social media search so that you can stop comparing yourself to others
  • Pausing the way you operate your tired body because it’s screaming I SERIOUSLY NEED TO REST!”
  • Pausing the pace at which you eat that junk—you know those carbs are feeding a different kind of hunger deep inside of you
  • Pausing your podcast because you no longer need to seek “expert” information that you already know

If you’ve got a lot going on like me, pressing pause can often feel like it’s not an option, BUT IT IS. Pressing pause matters because your peace matters and YOU MATTER.

In case you’re not sure how to pause or need more support to find peace, book a free consultation call with me so that we can get you in alignment with the most important person in your life: YOU!

Coach Shanita

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