I lost mine at age 4 when I was teased by classmates in kindergarten. I regained pieces of both my power and myself over the years, only to lose them to the people surrounding me – personally and professionally. I felt belittled.

So throughout college, international travels, changing careers, and coaching, I set out to identify my needs and values, explore my gifts, and honor it all without giving up a darn thing. It took several years, but I finally regained all of my power last year at age 29.

Disempowerment is not a new concept, but many individuals and communities shaken by recent violent acts throughout America are feeling this intensely.

Has any person or circumstance ever made you feel like your sense of wholeness and possibilities were diminished…unseen? If so, I feel you. IT HURTS.Maybe it happened to you years ago, or last week, or this morning. Regardless if you experienced a negative blow to your power in the past, or simply need a boost right now, you must ask yourself:

How can I step more fully into my power?

Be patient with yourself on this one. It may take a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days to answer because acknowledging your power gets extremely personal. It comes from your passion and your heart and your gut. It even comes from your soul.

After recognizing your mighty power, step into it. Really step into it!

-proclaim: I am strong!
-perk up with positive people
-distance yourself from discouraging ding dongs
-write words that celebrate your wonderful-ness
-forgive those fools and affirm your fullness
-physically step forward and shout “FAREWELL FEAR!”

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