I believe you can feel better.

Get the REAL TIME RELIEF you deserve.

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If you’re nodding your head, YOU'RE BURNED OUT

I know, you’re too busy to be burned out. 

You’ve got a lot to do and a very demanding schedule,


What if you got the flu, you’d probably take flu meds, right?

So why are you bypassing your burnout?

Your brain and body are crying out for help and you’re over there suffering solo. 


  ➔Get the time + space to get clear on what you really need

  ➔Feel energized to prioritize your dreams before other people’s dreams

  ➔Give yourself permission to say “no” when you need to

  ➔Consistently find “me” time on your calendar without feeling guilty

  ➔Feel like you’ve got things under control and a good rhythm without major hot mess

  ➔Instinctively step up for yourself when things get tough, overwhelming, or distracting

  ➔Command the support you need so you don’t ever have to suffer solo again

If you’re the kind of woman who wants to live life on her terms, don’t let burnout get the best of you.

This one-of-a-kind experience includes:

  • One 90-minute transformational coaching session by phone so that you can relieve stress and get back in flow.
  • A concrete self-care strategy that we’ll co-create so that you can implement changes that serve you in real time. 
  • Unlimited email support for a week after the session so that you aren’t stuck or frustrated as you make progress.
  • Accountability with an action tracker and 1-week follow-up by email to ensure that you stay recharged and don’t drown.
  • BONUS: Audio recordings and session notes so that you don’t have to worry about missing key AHA’s.

Get the real time relief you deserve once and for all.

Here's WHY you need REAL TIME RELIEF!

Before you close the browser and begin to talk yourself out of this one, consider this:

  ➔This experience costs less than getting a full body massage at your local spa.

  ➔This session will actually yield results, compared to the monthly gym-membership or fitness class-pass that didn’t get you the body you dreamed of.

  ➔YOU MATTER and your health matters (includes emotional, physical, and spiritual). 

  ➔If you don’t address burnout now, you’ll spin your wheels and live miserably.

So if you’re ready to go from:

Busy-ing to Breathing

Burdened to Just Being

Broken to Battery FULL

Beat-up to Beating IT

Bitter to Believing in Better


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Hi, I’m Shanita, and I teach women how to say bye to burnout. As a certified transformational life coach, workshop facilitator, speaker, and reiki practitioner, I show women and girls how to tune in and reconnect to their courage, power, and strength so that they can stop sacrificing themselves and start transforming what’s in their hearts into realities.



"Before connecting with Shanita I was feeling hesitant around the next step in my business. My experience with Shanita allowed me to "see" and "feel" what my next move should be. Before I could even articulate it for myself, Shanita gently invited me to take bold action to create more visibility for myself and my business. As a result, I took a huge step forward and haven't looked back. I needed that gentle invitation and the accountability. It was a powerful experience and I look forward to working with her again in the future."



“Shanita points me to my power. She has taught me if I don’t work on my stuff, my stuff will work on me. Coach Shanita walks me through the difference between my pain and suffering. She encourages me to fortify my weaknesses and truly use my strengths. She makes me want to simultaneously cry and fly."



“After our session, I concluded that what I needed were periodic stay-cations: Time away for a night or two in a hotel to just focus on myself without the risk of interruptions or interference from the many other demands of my life. 

My husband was happy to have found a specific way he could help me and has committed to partnering with me to make sure this time happens. It’s been a game changer! Shanita’s coaching has helped me learn how to process my feelings and needs, and then strategize effective ways in which I can work toward meeting those needs. It also has helped to learn of ways that I can articulate to others just how they can practically and tangibly come to my aid.”