A few weeks ago as I was making dinner, I got jealous. I was jealous because while kneading the dough to fill my chicken pockets, I wanted to be the dough. 
Yes, I wanted to be the dough. 
I wanted to experience the luxury of a rolling pin rigorously moving back and forth on me–to smooth out my bumps, to iron out my aches, and to stretch my skin so that I could have more space to sprawl. I so badly wanted to have a tool to help me physically RELAX
I need to relax, but I suck at it. Part of it is due to my ancestral hard-wiring, part of it is due to my difficulty with saying “no,” and part of it is because of the immense guilt that comes thereafter. Every time I relax, I think of the five to ten things I could’ve accomplished during relaxation time. I feel bad, then I feel overwhelmed, and then I eat chocolate. 
It has been a very demanding month, so as dumb as this sounds, I asked my husband to fetch our rolling pin to knead my back while lying face down on the floor. I laughed at myself during what felt like the most painful lower back massage of my life. After five minutes, I asked my husband to stop.
The bad news: the massage was terrible.
The good news: I finally relaxed and didn’t feel guilty about it.
So, I’d like to know, 

What would it take for you to RELAX?

Don’t think too hard. Just write the answer down, either on paper or in your phone. If you are bad at relaxing, jotting a list is a good way to start. If you are good at relaxing, note the things that could further enhance your ability to relax.
Ignoring everyone’s phone calls and drinking an Oreo milkshake while watching Law & Order came up on my list. What’s on your list? And how will you follow through?
Now go on and relax.
Coach Shanita

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