Show Up

She called me in tears. “Please come.” She was scared and in bad shape. I couldn’t let her be alone. I knew I had to show up for her, even if it meant rearranging my schedule.

So I packed up my things, the kids’ things, drove all of our things to my in-laws, and then went to the hospital by myself.

I showed up. She was happy to see me. She felt grateful. She felt loved. She felt supported. She felt assured. She felt calm. She felt like someone had her back. She even felt hopeful.

All I did was show up. I was hungry, exhausted, and had nothing tangible to give. Yet, me showing up made her day.

This situation touched me so much that I cried later that night. I thought about all of the people who have showed up for me throughout my life, especially during the ugly, painful, and lonely times. I thought about the power of presence and how just being with someone or being in community with others can make a difference.

Showing up is powerful. It’s so powerful that I must ask,

How can you SHOW UP?

Interpret this however you like. For me, the first thing that comes to mind is, “How can I show up for myself today?” This might look like stopping my regularly scheduled programming to flex my creative muscles and create a piece of art or taking a minute to hug myself because I am proud of staying true to my values.

You might also want to show up for someone else (you never know what someone else is going through, even if he/she appears to be okay). Is there someone who would really appreciate your company? Would your words or prayers or smile or contribution make someone’s day?

Don’t forget that you can also reach out to a person or a group/organization if you feel like you need someone to show up for you.

Coach Shanita

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