This month was a doozy!!! Crimes on the news, tax day to-do’s, celebrity tragedies, and political fallacies. As a result, my brain felt bombarded and overwhelmed.

So I tried something.

I turned off the radio. I muted the TV. I closed distracting phone apps. Yes, I even logged out of my Facebook! On my bed, I sat in silence, and, without managing to fall asleep, I closed my eyes. I listened. Suddenly, I heard:
light wind
chirping birds
my baby’s snores
and, most importantly,
the voice of my spirit asking,
“Why didn’t you take a walk outside? What’s your excuse today?”

Ugh, nothing like silence to offer you a fresh view of beauty and a bold reality check! So, now it’s your turn to try.

To answer this, you may have to shut the door, turn off your phone, tune out background noise, and get quiet … real quiet. In just a few minutes, notice what happens. Suddenly, sounds that you never heard before rise. Is someone or something sending you a message? What’s happening in your body? The experience may surprise you. Regardless of the result, I guarantee you’ll feel refreshed and a bit less overwhelmed.

As the infomercials say, if it worked for me, it could work for you too! Cheers to continuing our baby steps to clarity,
Coach Shanita

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