Nana died on the evening of Diwali. Although the end felt fast, my grandfather’s death was slow. His brain and body slowed down for almost a decade (dementia will do that). Perhaps the slow-down started as far back as ’96 when Nani passed away–the death of your 30+ year spouse could cause that, right?

So what did I learn from his death? I learned what I’ve been learning all along throughout my race to get everything done before I pop out this kid–I NEED TO SLOW DOWN. It’s not in my Sagitarrian nature to slow down because I wasn’t wired to do that. However, with death serving as the opening act to my Hindu new year, the universe made it clear that if I don’t slow down, I too could slowly perish.

I’m not trying to be dramatic, but it’s true. How many times have you caught yourself getting so wrapped up in everything and everyone else in order to either stay busy or numb yourself from whatever you’re trying not to face? Or found that you missed out on important moments? Like the hamster spinning her/his wheel, you gain so much momentum that you can’t slow down until you’re forced to…until you fall off…or until someone yanks you off…or until your body gives out…

So to prevent you from spinning out of control, I’m asking,

What’s one thing that you can do to SLOW DOWN today?

Make it simple. Examples include:

  • Chewing your next meal slowly.
  • Turning off your email or social media notifications for the rest of the day.
  • Sitting down and taking five deep breaths.
  • Stopping and giving your pet or partner a bear hug.
It’s not rocket science, but slowing down starts with baby steps. Start now, and start slow. Every time you do, you’ll be able to rest a bit and savor what’s more important–the moments and people that are around you. 
In peace,

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