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Dear Burned Out Brown Girl, You Are Not Alone

By Shanita Liu | Aug 23, 2019

You are not alone, and here’s why.

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Burnout, Bye!

By Shanita Liu | Aug 9, 2019

We all know that burnout is bad for our brains and bodies, so why is it still happening? Here’s a simple solution to help you say bye to burnout for good.

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Your ultimate checklist for hiring the best life coach

By Shanita Liu | May 27, 2019

I’m sharing my simple 3 C’s checklist to help you find the best life coach [for you of course] so that you can achieve the results you want and deserve.

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Why a life coach can SAVE you time + money

By Shanita Liu | May 20, 2019

Here’s how coaching will hit your goals ASAP without wasting your time and dollars.

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How to know if coaching is actually working for you

By Shanita Liu | May 13, 2019

Here’s how you’ll know that coaching is working and getting you the results you want.

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How to decide if you’re ready for a life coach

By Shanita Liu | Apr 29, 2019

To succeed? Or not to succeed? This will help you decide whether you’re ready for a coach.

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4 reasons life coaching is the perfect fit for your tight schedule

By Shanita Liu | Apr 20, 2019

Here’s why coaching will fit your tight schedule.

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Why you desperately need a coach and didn’t know it

By Shanita Liu | Apr 15, 2019

Learn why you desperately need a life coach and didn’t even know it.

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What the heck is a life coach?

By Shanita Liu | Apr 8, 2019
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Love Up Yuhself

By Shanita Liu | Feb 13, 2019

What is love? When I contemplate this question, I turn to one of my all-time favorite 90’s jams. Click here to pump up one of the greatest songs EVER. I’ve got a busy day ahead, but in the spirit of this Hallmark holiday (and ’cause I’m coaching about self-care), I’m gonna practice some self-love. Today’s activities…

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Start Afraid

By Shanita Liu | Jan 2, 2019

JIt’s 2019, and while I oughta begin with some motivational mojo to get you going for the new year, in its place, I’d like to address the elephant in the room—FEAR. Yes, that’s right. When you’re embarking on a goal like losing weight, taking the next step with your partner, growing your impact, advancing your…

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Save Your Time

By Shanita Liu | Dec 20, 2018

With the holiday abyss upon us, I’ll get right to it:  Your time is worth saving because you don’t have a lot of it. It might seem pretty obvious to do whatever you can to save your time, but let’s face it… …there’s too much holiday planning and doing that you barely have any brain…

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Give to You

By Shanita Liu | Nov 1, 2018
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By Shanita Liu | Oct 11, 2018

I did my best to interweave fun into my last week of work travel for 2018.  I made time to see family, dined with supportive entrepreneurial professionals, indulged in pumpkin spice treats, watched repeats of The Office while sprawling on my king-size bed, and leisurely wandered into cute shops. My spirit feels refreshed, but guess what?…

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Fall Again

By Shanita Liu | Sep 3, 2018

I fell HARD, at least 7 steps. I even took my son down with me towards the end. By the time I landed at the bottom of the staircase, I was like WTF.  Happy September to me! Didn’t Mercury in retrograde and flight delays and potty training and beach-fly bites and cold viruses and unforeseen work assignments and annoying daycare…

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Have Faith

By Shanita Liu | Aug 7, 2018

Seven years ago I found it on his wedding ring. I had no idea that word was there when I made the purchase. It was kind of divine to know that FAITH was with us all this time. I didn’t actively tune into faith until I won my scholarship. Mom didn’t want me to go away…

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Am I Okay?

By Shanita Liu | Jul 4, 2018

He says it at least 20 times a day. Whether he falls down, gets wrestled or hoisted by daddy, bumps into a wall, trips over a toy, and/or spills water from his sippy cup, my two year old turns to me and says, “I’M OKAY.” I don’t always ask Kaiden if he’s okay (if you know toddlers,…

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Show Up

By Shanita Liu | Jun 8, 2018

She called me in tears. “Please come.” She was scared and in bad shape. I couldn’t let her be alone. I knew I had to show up for her, even if it meant rearranging my schedule. So I packed up my things, the kids’ things, drove all of our things to my in-laws, and then…

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Start Over

By Shanita Liu | May 25, 2018

I’m really scared. I have a lot of tasks to check off on my business to-do list, but I have too many distractions like wiping pee off the toilet rim again or Clorox scrubbing the baked-in coffee stains on my cupboards. I want to manage it all at home and at work. I certainly don’t want to…

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You Don’t Have To

By Shanita Liu | Apr 19, 2018

When I was a little girl, I had to do what I was told. No questions or talk-back allowed. At home and as the youngest in my immediate family, I had to “shut up.” At school, I obliged to every rule. As a child, it was made clear that my voice did not matter. I did not matter.…

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Break Down

By Shanita Liu | Mar 14, 2018

When the lights and sirens went off from the inconspicuous-looking Black Ford behind me, I knew something was really wrong. I pulled over and when asked, “Do you know why I pulled you over?” I didn’t have a clue. I thought I was alert and okay, maybe I changed a lane more swiftly than usual,…

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What The F

By Shanita Liu | Feb 1, 2018

This month is brought to you by the letter F. F stands for February. It also stands for whatever you want it to stand for. In an ongoing effort to stop blurting out curse words around my toddler, I chose the following F words: Fresh, Festive, Faithful, Flexible, and Full There are others that speak…

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Who Do You Think You Are?

By Shanita Liu | Jan 9, 2018

I thought I knew. I knew that I was a coach and a mother (there were other identity words, but those were my big ones) AND I thought that in 2018 I would emerge as a MAJOR entrepreneur. However, after consulting with a dear spiritual teacher, I learned that the growing entrepreneur thing was not in the…

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By Shanita Liu | Dec 14, 2017

As I looked into my daughter’s dark brown almond shaped eyes, I got transported to a place filled with hope, sparkly magic, and joy. That place is my soul, and I can feel my soul in my heart, and my heart is the center of my Home. I love going home. Whether or not I…

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By Shanita Liu | Nov 28, 2017

This season has been my life’s metaphor. I have experienced immense changes in all colors and shifted into moments of darkness. Like a little furry animal, I tried to harvest my plans and to-do’s and safely store them for the winter. I leaned into autumnal comfort like pumpkin spice treats and even tried to SLOW DOWN as I…

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By Shanita Liu | Oct 30, 2017

Nana died on the evening of Diwali. Although the end felt fast, my grandfather’s death was slow. His brain and body slowed down for almost a decade (dementia will do that). Perhaps the slow-down started as far back as ’96 when Nani passed away–the death of your 30+ year spouse could cause that, right? So what…

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What Do You Need?

By Shanita Liu | Sep 8, 2017

How often do you get asked, “What do you need?” Often? Sometimes? Or never? For most people, the answer is close to never. The answer is sometimes if you’re ill or something out of the ordinary has happened. Why is the question “What do you need?” worth asking in the first place? Identifying what you need helps you connect to what matters…

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Give Up

By Shanita Liu | Aug 22, 2017

Have you ever wanted to give up on something or someone?  I have, many times. Life is tough, and wanting to give up is a totally human experience. Even though it goes against my nature as a coach who promotes perseverance, I plan to stray far from that mindset (at least for this month). I think it’s okay to give up sometimes. I encourage you to…

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Study Your Suffering

By Shanita Liu | Jul 16, 2017

I was suffering. It was neither in the form of a starving child nor did it look like a nation of people who were displaced by war, but it was still suffering. It ached. It filled my belly with pains and my eyes with salty tears. No matter how good I have it, my suffering…

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By Shanita Liu | Jun 20, 2017

I don’t like to ask for help. I like to think that I am independent and resourceful. I only ask for help when I absolutely need it. As of April, I needed it. I desperately needed help. Being pregnant will do that. My first trimester was brutal. I was forced to ask for help to…

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Letting Go

By Shanita Liu | May 31, 2017

As I stared at the heaping pile of “favorites,” which included the sheer white cardigan that made me feel like I was on a white-sand beach in a Sandals Resorts commercial and the ivory ruffled blouse that would excel in a Sex and the City episode, I realized that my clothes played a significant role…

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By Shanita Liu | Apr 17, 2017

WHAT IS MY DEAL? I make excuses. Every. Single. Day. I find creative and clever ways to  neglect much-needed self-care, and talk myself out of creating videos for my business. Why? I greatly dislike stretching my aching muscles because it physically HURTS. I also cringe at the sound of my voice and 10 extra pounds on…

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Stay On

By Shanita Liu | Mar 14, 2017

I missed it. The train pulled away from the station, the same train that would’ve brought me home two hours earlier after my short, but tiring, work trip. It should’ve been easy to change my ticket, but neither the booth nor the customer service hotline could help. New, stupid rules prohibited me from getting home, and…

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By Shanita Liu | Feb 28, 2017

A few weeks ago as I was making dinner, I got jealous. I was jealous because while kneading the dough to fill my chicken pockets, I wanted to be the dough.    Yes, I wanted to be the dough.    I wanted to experience the luxury of a rolling pin rigorously moving back and forth on…

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The Year of NO

By Shanita Liu | Jan 30, 2017

Shonda Rhimes, acclaimed television show creator, producer, and hashtag trendsetter wrote a bestselling novel called The Year of Yes. The book illustrates how her life changed when she committed to saying “yes” to everything that scared her. I didn’t read the book, but I received the summary via a television interview. Sure, saying yes to…

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Accept It.

By Shanita Liu | Dec 28, 2016

This year was a whirlwind, wouldn’t you agree? There were boatloads of personal and professional blessings that I accepted with open arms. Then, there were the barrels of BULL**** that I did not want to accept.What did the BULL**** consist of? Annoying circumstances and setbacks. Why did I resist accepting these things? Acceptance meant that…

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By Shanita Liu | Nov 25, 2016

Is it me, or has November been extra taxing? Between traveling by planes and trains, getting sick, crying over America’s future, crashing after Thanksgiving prep, and squandering precious hours of sleep to capitalize on Black Friday, I AM WIPED. There were many times when a little voice inside urged me to pause and relax, but I…

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The F Word

By Shanita Liu | Oct 2, 2016

I wanted to use the ‘F ‘ word every time I saw a particular person at my former dance studio. I disliked everything about this female – she was judgmental, gossipy, and downright disrespectful to anyone outside of her circle. I often imagined myself telling her off in front of a large, cheering crowd several…

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By Shanita Liu | Sep 9, 2016

If ever grace was needed, it is now.   Although Caroline Myss, a medical intuitive and spiritual speaker, said these words in reference to the 2016 Orlando shooting, I believe they are just as relevant now. After all, what else can you request when humanity hurts from harbored hatred, bigotry, and violence? Grace, also known as…

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By Shanita Liu | Aug 2, 2016

It happened so fast. One minute I was scrubbing baby poop off of my pajama shirt, and the next minute I was rocking pearls against a white cardigan and black pencil skirt co-facilitating college success content in one of the coolest corporate offices in San Francisco. I would have never thought that I could temporarily abandon…

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By Shanita Liu | Jul 16, 2016

POWER I lost mine at age 4 when I was teased by classmates in kindergarten. I regained pieces of both my power and myself over the years, only to lose them to the people surrounding me – personally and professionally. I felt belittled. So throughout college, international travels, changing careers, and coaching, I set out…

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Your Heart

By Shanita Liu | Jun 22, 2016

I received this card in a goody bag from a birthday party. At first it didn’t mean much. However, as I therapeutically colored in the lines, I realized it was directly related to the recent questions rising from my heart. Why was my heart telling me to stop working so hard at home and to start resting? What was…

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By Shanita Liu | May 2, 2016

How is May treating you? Unfortunately, May has been painful. Yes, it’s that serious. It has taken form in a number of ways–obnoxious allergies, professional rejections, memories of my grandmother on what would’ve been her 79th birthday, and worry for my son’s future due to recent politics and terrorism. To ease my pain, I repeated my…

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By Shanita Liu | Apr 8, 2016

This month was a doozy!!! Crimes on the news, tax day to-do’s, celebrity tragedies, and political fallacies. As a result, my brain felt bombarded and overwhelmed. So I tried something. I turned off the radio. I muted the TV. I closed distracting phone apps. Yes, I even logged out of my Facebook! On my bed,…

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By Shanita Liu | Mar 11, 2016

It’s finally Spring–the official green light to physically freshen up and tick away at that task list…you know, the one that got ignored because of your winter weariness. You probably have more energy to attack the to do list now, but what if I told you that all this “doing” was unnecessary? Yeah, let go…

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Falling in Love, with Yourself

By Shanita Liu | Feb 7, 2016

A child’s laughter. Your partner’s smile. A warm hug. Valentine’s Day treats. Puppy videos. There’s so much that activated our “falling in love” senses this month. I fell in love every time my baby boy kicked or whenever I visited the candy aisle at CVS. Whatever tickled your love, I bet it felt really good,…

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Who’s Clear Here?

By Shanita Liu | Jan 22, 2016

I am thrilled to send the first of 12 installments of my new series A Clear Year. These emails are my way of staying connected to you, as well as shining light on tools that can support the life you love as 2016 progresses. As my inaugural message, I thought it made sense to explore the…

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