Start Over

I’m really scared. I have a lot of tasks to check off on my business to-do list, but I have too many distractions like wiping pee off the toilet rim again or Clorox scrubbing the baked-in coffee stains on my cupboards. I want to manage it all at home and at work. I certainly don’t want to fail. I’m barely keeping my head above water while striving for SUCCESS. I’m in break down yet againI’m so damn tired.

Then, I hear a little voice inside saying, “This cannot keep happening. Change your story. Don’t be afraid to START OVER.”

Excuse me? What’s that? Start over? After all the work I put into my BLOG and time spent creating my website and building a social media presence?


Sigh. That voice is so right (but come on, I was trying to do things my way again). Have you ever heard a message and chose to ignore it because it didn’t fit your way of doing things?

I don’t always listen right away, but the voice tends to come at exactly the right time. I NEED TO TRUST that voice and become a beginner again because my way of doing things is not working the way it used to. There is more learning, more growing, and more revising ahead. I want to help crazy busy women regain their personal freedom and put themselves first, but I can’t do this work if I don’t start over.

Starting over can feel quite crushing, especially when it comes to your relationships, family, career, or your living space. However, it can also feel exciting and necessary. There’s a lot to gain, like getting things done in a way that fulfills your needs. Think of a time when you started over in one major area of your life. Didn’t it feel tough at first, but eventually get easier over time?

So, the question that I’m asking as we close out this month is:

What are you willing to start over?

Choose one thing. It can be as small as starting over that “don’t *uck with me” email that you were about to send to “you know who.” Or, it could be as big as initiating the conversation that you’ve been putting off with your partner—the one that will steep you into deep vulnerability and determine “what’s next” in your future.

Starting over might feel scary, but it could be one of the best decisions you make this year as you get clear on who you are.

Cheers to starting today in a different way,
Coach Shanita

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