Stay On

I missed it. The train pulled away from the station, the same train that would’ve brought me home two hours earlier after my short, but tiring, work trip.

It should’ve been easy to change my ticket, but neither the booth nor the customer service hotline could help. New, stupid rules prohibited me from getting home, and I wanted to go home.

I felt agitated because my gut, my angels, God, someone or something kept telling me to “stay on.” So I listened, stayed on the platform, and nothing happened.

Why would my guiding energies let me down? What did “stay on” really mean? So in the days thereafter, I thought long and hard and the following came up:

  • Stay on top of your diet. You can’t afford to mess this up again. 
  • Stay on path with Coach Shanita. So what if you’re busy? You must make your dream a priority
  • Stay on Facebook, even if it’s annoying. Someone you haven’t spoken to in a while will send an important message. 
  • Stay on with your loved ones. Even when it’s tough, wipe away the tears. They will only do better if you exemplify kindness and compassion. 

What is one area of your life where you could STAY ON?

Come up with one thing.
Could you stay on track to lose those five pounds?
Could you stay on the job a little longer to give yourself time to find the next gig?
Could you stay on task and avoid getting distracted by your social media apps?
Could you stay on top of your self-care plan and ignore voices that tell you to take care of everyone else?

I understand that this might be hard, but stay on this question until you come up with something. The answer might be just what your guides wanted you to know. 
Coach Shanita

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