Is it me, or has November been extra taxing? Between traveling by planes and trains, getting sick, crying over America’s future, crashing after Thanksgiving prep, and squandering precious hours of sleep to capitalize on Black Friday, I AM WIPED.

There were many times when a little voice inside urged me to pause and relax, but I chose not to listen. I was too keen on squeezing productivity into every ounce of my waking hours. Two weeks ago, I finally felt so depleted that I was forced to stop.

I don’t like to stop. When I stop, I feel ineffective and behind on life. Yet, magical things happened. Here’s what happened when I stopped:

  • I laid down on my belly
  • I relaxed
  • I became motionless
  • I shut off my brain
  • I realized that stopping was pretty cool
  • I fell into REM and dreamed about flying in the mountains
  • I drooled heavily

Eventful, right? Perhaps this chain of events does not sound as blissful to you as it does to me (or maybe it does), but my experience was so remarkable that I did it again for a few hours the following night, the next week, and on my birthday. Stopping was the only way to get present, regain physical strength, and figure out how to end this year on a less hagard note.

So as we head into the final weeks of 2016, I’d love to know,

What would happen if you stopped everything?

Try it (not while driving though!). Attempt to stop for 10 minutes. Seriously put down your phone, and STOP.
What’s the worst thing that could happen? You may fall asleep, have an AHA moment, cry, or get a special message from the universe. There is no right or wrong reaction. Whatever happens is happening to communicate something worthwhile and relevant to your mind, body, or spirit.
Now if you excuse me, I’m going to stop and reap the benefits of flying and drooling.

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