It’s finally Spring–the official green light to physically freshen up and tick away at that task list…you know, the one that got ignored because of your winter weariness. You probably have more energy to attack the to do list now, but what if I told you that all this “doing” was unnecessary? Yeah, let go a bit. Just stop for a minute and surrender.
Surrender?! Yes! Surrender means to give up something completely in order to allow and accept what’s happening (or what’s not happening). My newborn, as shown with his hands up in the ultimate surrender pose, is a constant reminder of this. He surrenders everyday and trusts that mommy will take care of his every need. In turn, I surrender the desire to maintain a set schedule for chores. Sure, it drives me bananas when I think about the piled up laundry, mail, dishes, etc., but there’s also a peace in knowing that I can be truly present for my child. Whatever else needs to get done will get done, so why spoil these precious moments with looming anxiety over the things I can’t control in fixed timing?
If you haven’t already guessed, there’s a challenge question brewing. Here it is:

Give up one thing. Start small. It could be the urge to speed through traffic or the need to take care of someone else you love during your cherished you-time. I know it may seem uncomfortable, but once you surrender, pay attention to how you feel. At ease? Less stressed? Light as a feather?
If you don’t feel a little more free, try again, as well as tomorrow, and the day after next. This exercise isn’t punishment; it’s an entry point into¬†trusting that the universe will get you where you need to be.
I’ll check in again with your progress next month. Until then, cheers to springtime surrender,

Coach Shanita

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