The Year of NO

Shonda Rhimes, acclaimed television show creator, producer, and hashtag trendsetter wrote a bestselling novel called The Year of Yes. The book illustrates how her life changed when she committed to saying “yes” to everything that scared her.

I didn’t read the book, but I received the summary via a television interview. Sure, saying yes to unique opportunities sounds great (especially when you are bff’s with famous folks), and “saying ‘yes’ to saying ‘no’” (aka saying no to toxic people) makes absolute sense, but when you are a habitual “yes-ser” like me, the thought of committing to one more “yes” is enough to go bananas. 

Throughout my life, I have said “yeses” (yes, that’s a word) to dreaded events, fatiguing requests for help, and undesired tasks in my personal and professional worlds. I always said “yes” to people for the sake of being polite and maintaining good karmic energy. “Yes” left me feeling resentful and steered me off my authenticity train tracks.

So, if I am to build on my 2016 commitment to getting clear, the only way to continue clearing up for 2017 is to clear my schedule, clear my obstacles, and clear the noise—that means saying “no” a whole lot more. If I truly want to manifest a better year, I better proclaim it as my year of saying “NO.”

Whether you agree or disagree with my approach to 2017, a little “no” can go a long way. If you so dare to join me, just for today,

Who or what could you say “no” to?

Once decided, quickly examine where your “no” is coming from. Is it from a place of kindness? F***in’ frustration? Free flying happiness? Exploration? Self-care? Empowerment? Truth? None of the above? All of the above? 

Wherever it comes from, OWN IT and SAVOR IT.

Sorry Shonda, but I’m going to set my own trend. Hashtag that.

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