What Do You Need?

How often do you get asked, “What do you need?”

Often? Sometimes? Or never?

For most people, the answer is close to neverThe answer is sometimes if you’re ill or something out of the ordinary has happened.

Why is the question “What do you need?” worth asking in the first place?

Identifying what you need helps you connect to what matters most inside so you can feel energized and fulfilled. Yet, IT’S SO EASY to lose sight of your needs due to whatever’s happening in your career, family, relationship, and the list goes on.

I find it is easy to overlook my needs because of the competing demands of my toddler, my home renovations, my full-time nonprofit job, and my coaching business. Nevertheless, I’ve learned the hard way that if I delay recognizing my needs, I become a HOT *SS MESS.
No one likes a hot mess, so to prevent my loved ones from experiencing my cyclone of senselessness, I make time to identify my needs. I find a place to sit, take a deep breath, and ask, “What do I need?” Here’s what I came up with:

I need a nap, a walk in the sun, a hug, and some really tasty Chinese food.
As you can see, the question was simple and the answer was informative. So, I ask you to ask yourself:


If asking this question feels strange and new, give yourself a few minutes to quiet your mind and let the answer appear. Maybe you’ll come up one thing, 15 things, or a list of the things that you don’t need. Whatever answers unfold, write it down or digitally record your findings (there’s an app for that)This is the first step in identifying your needs and connecting to what matters inside.The second step, which we’ll get to next time, is asking for what you need to get your need(s) met. Whether step one feels doable or unbearable, I want to hear from you! Please reply to this email OR leave a comment on my blog page OR hit me up on my new Facebook business page (like, follow, and invite others to the party!).
Coach Shanita

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