Who Do You Think You Are?

I thought I knew. I knew that I was a coach and a mother (there were other identity words, but those were my big ones) AND I thought that in 2018 I would emerge as a MAJOR entrepreneur. However, after consulting with a dear spiritual teacher, I learned that the growing entrepreneur thing was not in the cards for me in 2018…that would come much later. I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO BE CLOSE TO OPRAH STATUS THIS YEAR, WTF?!!!!!!!

Forgive my postpartum hormones. I was pissed (click here to view my first video message of the new year). 

Growing my business to incredible heights in 2018 WAS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN BECAUSE I WILLED IT. I did all the visioning and affirmations and foundation-building that the experts said I should do to manifest my career success. So when I confirmed that the Divine’s master plan was to NOT go into Coach Shanita OVERDRIVE, I felt lost. As a result, I had an emotional meltdown.

You might be wondering why I think the teacher is right. Don’t I have the power to change my fate? I certainly do, but her offering was in complete alignment with what I felt in my gut all along about being a business-superstar this year-RESISTANCE. I felt resistance, but was afraid to admit it to myself. I knew–I absolutely knew deep down inside that the level of “success” that I was dreaming of wouldn’t come into fruition this year due to my other priorities and commitments. I would have to wait (and would also have to redefine what “success” meant to me).

If I was not going to be COACH SHANITA in all caps with fireworks this year, then who was I?
Who the heck am I?

I sulked in sadness until I couldn’t sulk no more. I decided that I’d invest in a quest to figure out who I am this year. I am still evolving, so it’s not a one and done kind of task, but I can start somewhere.So, as I begin to discover my new self truths via this question, I will turn it over to you:

Who do you think you are? 

  • Do you identify with a set of labels? If so, do those labels sit well with you?
  • Do you forgo labels?
  • Do you embrace not having a concrete answer?
  • Do you answer this question one day at a time because it’s still unfolding for you?
  • Do you not know?
Figuring out and revealing who you are takes grit and guts, so if you’re willing to do the work, please join me on my 2018 journey of self-discovery. Together, we can hold each other accountable and offer support when needed. We can coach about it, journal about it, pray about it, tune in to spiritual guides about it, and have group spaces to talk and get empowered about it. Whatever we do to get clear about who we are, know that it will make everything else in our lives fall into place. 
Cheers to having the gift of 2018 to focus on ourselves,
Coach Shanita

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