Who’s Clear Here?

I am thrilled to send the first of 12 installments of my new series A Clear Year. These emails are my way of staying connected to you, as well as shining light on tools that can support the life you love as 2016 progresses.

As my inaugural message, I thought it made sense to explore the word clear, which is in my motto Get Clear. Get Powerful. Go. While there are several definitions, I simply think of clear as transparent, easy to see, and free of any obstructions.

So how does clarity apply to our lives? Why is this important? Without getting clear on what we want or don’t want, we can neither see what we’re working towards nor find the motivation to make any long-lasting improvements.

Personally, I have to break free from unwanted noise in order to hear my heart, even if those things do not agree with the jumble in my head. When I don’t get clear, my intentions remain cloudy, chaotic, and I consequently cling to calorie-laden snacks while griping to loved ones. Wah Wah Wah!

Does this situation sound familiar? Before anyone asks if you want any cheese with that whine (‘cause even the people you love will get sick of your Wah Wah Wah!), ask this:

If you answered NO, you can either leave it at that OR carve out time to get curious.
If you answered YES and already got on the clarity bandwagon, give yourself a high-five and ask again:

Am I deeply aware of who and what matters in my life in 2016?

I asked this question to myself at least 5 times before I finally got a solid answer! Whatever plays out, know that simply asking the question will be your first stride in the sequence of making tremendous changes for your future.

Cheers to getting clear in 2016!
Coach Shanita

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