Your Heart

I received this card in a goody bag from a birthday party. At first it didn’t mean much. However, as I therapeutically colored in the lines, I realized it was directly related to the recent questions rising from my heart. Why was my heart telling me to stop working so hard at home and to start resting? What was going on in the heart of the shooter at Pulse nightclub? How would everyone impacted by this tragedy make room in their hearts to forgive and/or heal? Why were my clients refusing to listen to their own hearts?

Since the heart truly speaks all languages, it makes sense to tune in. Wherever you are, stop what you’re doing and pay close attention to your special space.

What does it sound like? Is it a murmur? Is it yakking away? Is it as soft as a whisper or loud as a siren? Become aware of this rhythm that only you can understand, and once you do, ask:

Listen. Really tune in. Whether or not you want to believe it, the heart is definitely saying something of value. What is your heart trying to say and why is it important?
Special note: this message may impact you in unexpected ways; emotions may rise. Pleasure, sadness, anger, disappointment, relief … the list goes on! Does your heart’s message add clarity or make no sense at all? Are you prepared to handle the gravity of its message?! And, most importantly, what will you choose to do with this critical piece of information???

From my heart to yours,
Coach Shanita

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