You deserve to put yourself first, even if you don’t realize you’re not doing it

Hi, I’m Shanita! I help ambitious women like you who have a lot going on and are determined to get it all done.

Whether you’re having trouble getting clear, struggling to find time to work on your goals, or you can’t seem to stay motivated — I’ll teach you an easy technique for making things happen for yourself.


The right time is always right now

Let’s keep it 100% real — that to do list will never get done. As soon as you check one thing off, 2 more things pop up.

The reality of being an ambitious person who wants to live their best life is that you have to put yourself first. That can be really hard to figure out, it might even make you feel guilty to do it.

But you can’t do anything for anyone until you’re doing you. I’m here to help you get to that place — no more mess or stress.

Coach Shanita
Coach Shanita Ultimate Hack

Your ultimate hack for taking control of your day

There are so many curve balls, hiccups, distractions and derailments that can throw off your flow and your productivity.

How do you stay on your game when there are so many things pulling at you?

I’ll teach you a simple exercise for getting ahead — and staying ahead.

Your secret weapon for making it all happen

Transformational coaching changed my life from the very first session I ever had.

This experience inspired me to collaborate with amazing women like you, who are tired of falling for the trap and pressure of doing it all yourself.

I’ve created a transformational coaching experience that will help you see lasting change, again and again.

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With you every step of the way

If you’re feeling stuck, unsure, frazzled, or tapped out, I’ve definitely got a remedy or strategy to keep you flowing at your best.

Love Up Yuhself

What is love? When I contemplate this question, I turn to one of my all-time favorite 90’s jams. Click here to pump up one of the greatest songs EVER. I’ve got a busy day ahead, but in the spirit of this Hallmark holiday (and ’cause I’m coaching about self-care), I’m gonna practice some self-love. Today’s activities…

Start Afraid

JIt’s 2019, and while I oughta begin with some motivational mojo to get you going for the new year, in its place, I’d like to address the elephant in the room—FEAR. Yes, that’s right. When you’re embarking on a goal like losing weight, taking the next step with your partner, growing your impact, advancing your…

Save Your Time

DWith the holiday abyss upon us, I’ll get right to it:  Your time is worth saving because you don’t have a lot of it. It might seem pretty obvious to do whatever you can to save your time, but let’s face it… …there’s too much holiday planning and doing that you barely have any brain…
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So, what’s next for you?

Whether you’re having trouble getting clear, struggling to find time to work on your goals, or having a hard time feeling motivated — I’ve got a proven technique for making things happen.